Friday, March 05, 2010

Who decides if I am disabled?

In Tennessee, after you file a Social Security disability claim, the case file is sent to a disability examiner at the Disability Determination Section (DDS) within the Tennessee Department of Health in Nashville.

This individual, working with a doctor who has been paid by the State of Tennessee, makes the first decision on your case.

If the claim is denied and you ask for "reconsideration", the case is sent to another disability examiner in the same office.

Think of it this way: If you got a traffic ticket, but thought the police officer was wrong, you first have to argue your case to the police officer's partner before you get to see the judge.

If a claim is denied at reconsideration (and most Social Security disability claims in Tennessee are), you can then request a hearing before a Social Security Judge.

After hearing your testimony and reviewing all of the evience, the Judge makes an independent decision on your claim.

Some firms will only take cases after the reconsideration step is over. At Cannon & Anderson, Attorneys, we take cases from the beginning, protecting your rights every step of the way.

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Walter said...

What should we do? My daughter's claim has been denied and the next step is federal district court. The law firm, a statewide firm that advertises daily in every major Tennessee market, will not take the appeal to the court. We only have a few business days left to file the appeal. We really believe she should meet the criteria. Thanks, in advance for any assistance you might provide.

Ed Anderson said...


I have a suggestion for you, but do not want to post the information here in a public forum.

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