Monday, December 20, 2010

In Most Cases, Social Security Benefits are not Subject to Claims of Creditors

Did you know that according to Section 207 of the Social Security Act, the right of any person to any future payment . . . shall not be transferable or assignable, at law or in equity, and none of the moneys paid or payable or rights existing under this title shall be subject to execution, levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process.

To make a long story short. Social Security benefits are protected from claims of creditors. There are a few exceptions, such as payment of back taxes and federally-subsidized student loans, but for the most part a creditor can't touch your Social Security. This is true for Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability, Social Security Widow's Benefits, SSI benefits, and Social Security Survivor's benefits.

If you are being harassed by creditors and receive Social Security benefits, call us. We are attorneys who can help.

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