Sunday, November 05, 2006

My doctor says I am totally disabled so why did Social Security turn me down?

This is a question that Joel and I hear a lot.

Social Security's position is that it is not up to your doctor to determine whether or not you are disabled. It is up to them. They will make their own decision regardless of what your doctor (or your lawyer) thinks.

Usually, though, it is a good sign that your doctor will write a letter or make such a statment on your behalf. That means the doctor will probably support your claim. At Cannon & Anderson we seek out specific evidence about what your doctor thinks you can do, and use this information to help the chances of winning your case.

If you have a letter from your doctor, saying that you are disabled, and Social Security turns you down anyway, call us as soon as you get your denial letter. We can help get the evidence going in your direction.

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