Friday, November 10, 2006

Why Does Social Security make it so hard for me to get my own money back?

Actually, when you file a Social Security disability claim, you are not trying to just get "your own money" back. If you are successful, the benefits you can receive will be much more than you ever paid in.

The money we pay in is like the premium for an insurance policy. Everyone who works pays in a small amount. Very few people become disabled, but the money paid in by everyone goes to pay a few unlucky folks who can't work.

For example, a 45 year old worker who pays in an average amount to Social Security over the years might receive, say, $ 1,200.00 per month in cash benefits if he becomes disabled. From age 45 to age 65, assuming his condition does not improve, he will receive $ 288,000.00. That does not even figure in cost of living adjustments (COLAs) or the value of Medicare Health Insurance and Prescription Insurance Benefits.

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